Chairman Message

There is no doubt in the fact that the reason behind the progress and sucess of a nation is the number of schools and college its possesses. There fore, I firmly believe that Basudev Degree College would surely make our nation climb an additional step on the staircase of success and advancement.

Basudev Degree college is a coed institution where boys and girls study and develop themselves in a mutually healthy and respectful manner. This institution helps an individual not only to score sufficient percentage but also transform oneself into broad-minded, generous and humble human beings. Hence, we respect our students to abide by the fact that “Education is the very foundation of excellence”. They must excel in all sphere of life.

Humans are humans and by no chance can a human be expected to be perfect, but still at least we can surely strive for perfection that the possible ways. Lastly I hope and pray that the college would surely attain great heights of success and fame with the cooperation of the people attached to it by any way and with the Almighty’s graces.

K.S. Mishra

Principal Message

“Education is a continuous process since a minute we born until we die.”

The aim of education is complete fulfilment of man, all round development of his personality including aesthetic and spiritual aspects to become a responsible citizen of country.

Dr. K.S. Mishra chairman of Basudev family realized the role of education as giving to people the freedom of thought, feeling, judgement and imagination they need in order to develop their altent as much as possible. He visualized the need of quality education and started 1st Branch in 2005, Basdev Memorial Girls Degree College for Girls only. But very soon he realized education problems for boys and started 2nd branch in Amarai Gao, Indira Nagar as Basudev Degree College, has got its affiliation from Lucknow University in 2013. College has been conducting under graduate studies in the faculty of Arts, Commerce, Science and Education i.e. B.A., B.Com, B.Sc., B.Ed. and B.T.C.

The campus is well known for its high standard of education. Students are receiving the best quality of education that makes them both good and smart. Lectures are regularly organized by highly talented Assistant Professors to bring out the artary skills of students. The aim is not just to educate them but to make them into rational, aspiring individuals, who excel in the their lives and also do good for environment they grow up in.
Co curricular activities like games, sports, dance, music, painting and inter-college competition are encouraged this branch have a very rich well stocked carefully selected huge stock of books.

I welcome the students to be a part of Basudev Degree College. I am confident that you will find a pathway to a bright future.
Hurry up! make hay while the Sun shines.

Dr.  Nalini Mishra
M.A. P.hd.